McCoy Mechanical

76″H x 24½”W x 16″D

Standard Features

  • • Solid wood outer case in your choice of wood species
    • Polished Brass Weight Set
    • Wood Stick Pendulum with 6½” Brass Bob
    • Tapered Case
    • True Tennon Look
    • Full Extension Drawer at Bottom
  •   Auto Night Silencer



  • • Lyre Pendulum
    • Silver Grit Pendulum
    • Fancy Weight Shells


This clock features a Hermie® weight driven Grandfather movement manufactured in Germany by Franz Hermie & Sohn. Each Movement is constructed of solid brass, hardened steel pivots and brass bushings. This 8-Day Triple-chime movement chimes Westminster, Whittington and St. Michaels melodies. It chimes on the quarter hours and strikes out the hours. It has automatic beat adjustment and automatic night chime shut-off. When night shut-off feature is activated the movement will not chime between 10 PM and 7 AM.

A full 2 year warranty is included


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McCoy Mechanical

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